Family History



The following is family history as we know it:


Papa Jules Joseph was married three times, his first wife's name is unknown.  Our past historians of the family indicated that Papa Jules lived in Alexandria, Louisiana, and had two sons with his first wife.  One of his sons is/was Joseph Joseph.  Joseph Joseph last communicated with a family member, Ferdie Thierry, before moving to Oklahoma.  Afterwards, Ferdie Thierry did not see, nor hear from Joseph Joseph again.


Papa Jules' second wife was Celezia Louise Veazie.  They met in the Plaisance-Grand Prairie, Louisiana territory.  To this union, eight (8) children were born, namely Celiza, Corine, Celestine, Cora, Albert, Gill, Joe, and Marie.  All of these eight (8) children married.


After Mama Celezia Louise Veazie-Joseph died, Papa Jules married Adelle Arthorlee, who was also from the Plaisance-Grand Prairie, Louisiana territory.  To this union, nine (9) children were born, namely Emily, Verlie, Anthony, Nathan, Victoria, Alma, Harriet, Olevia, and Margie.  All nine (9) of these children married.


THEREFORE, we list the First Generation of Papa Jules' family as follows:


             JOSEPH JOSEPH                                           CELIZA JOSEPH-HALL

                        ALBERT JOSEPH                                           CORINE JOSEPH-CAMERON

      CELESTINE JOSEPH-BATISTE                                GILL JOSEPH

                 JOE JOSEPH                                                  NATHAN JOSEPH

                   CORA JOSEPH-MALONE                              MARIE JOSEPH-BASZILE

                    ANTHONY JOSEPH                                      VERLIE JOSEPH-BATISTE

                     EMILY JOSEPH-CAREY                                  VICTORIA JOSEPH-PITRE

                        ALMA JOSEPH-JOHNSON                            HARRIET JOSEPH-THIERRY

                        OLEVIA JOSEPH-WILSON                              MARGIE JOSEPH-BANKETT


According to many hours of research of various records, it is understood that Papa Jules Joseph, did in fact, have a son by the name of Jules Joseph, Jr., with no known children.


Please be advised that the above information was obtained from various family members of our ancestors.  If there are some misspelled names, some incorrect information, or even some omissions, it was not intentional.



*Contact us, if you know any 2nd or 3rd Generation Papa Jules' family members, to help close the gap on the family tree