The Family Crest

The Family Crest, as embraced by the Joseph Family, was first used at the family reunion held in Rochester, New York in 1996.  Its simplicity and beauty prompted the family to officially adopt the logo as the permanent family crest at the Family Reunion held in Houston, Texas in 1997.


The family acknowledges Will T. and Shirley Batiste, along with their lovely daughter, Denise, for introducing the Family Crest that has captured the hearts of the members of the Joseph family.  The Family Crest brilliantly reflects two of the primary colors of the color spectrum.  The primary colors are those from which all colors can be made by mixing.  Generally, the term 'color' refers to what people see, and so is an aspect of the visual perceptions of human beings.


Consequently, the Family Crest is a perception that may take on far reaching effects as it relates to that which is prominent and staid in the Joseph family.  A firm recognition of from "whence we came" and precise directions on where "we" are going can be embodied in the Family Crest.  "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."


May the family bask in the beauty of its Family Crest for generations to come.